The jonas brothers

    5 quid in a swiss bank account to anyone prepared to shoot the 3 of em!


    Why, what you have against them?

    only a fiver? you cant hate them that much then.


    Why, what you have against them?

    [COLOR="Red"]LuLz @ the fan boy.^^^^^^^^[/COLOR]

    can you prove that you have the fiver in hand?

    I'll do it for £2 and a curly wurly.


    I'll do it for £2 and a curly wurly.

    I'd do it for just a crunchie :whistling:

    Original Poster


    I'd do it for just a crunchie :whistling:

    deal!-I expect them dead by the weekend.

    They are so much liars, knee deep in jail bait girls and they claim they are pure, I know guys who are proper christians who go to church daily and part of all the youth clubs and even they admit they get tempted by girls but cant admit it to parents as they will be disowned and they arent celebs and knee deep in girls!

    If you try to type "Jonas" into a text message using predictive text it comes up as "knobs". Coincidence?

    please listen carefully as we will not speak again!
    i want the money transfered to my account 24 hours before the hit
    there will be no going back on our agreement
    and finally what is said and done in hit club stays in hit club!


    this is strange and slightly disturbing...... recently I have agreed with everything that JFK has been saying
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