The Karate Kid

    Was thinking of taking my 5yr old son to watch karate kid at the cinema today as he has just watched some of the previous karate kids,has anybody been to watch it and if so was it any good and is it suitable for him to watch as the previous films are age old in the way of violence


    My children watched it an they said its fab they are 11 & 13 but they said its fine for a 5 yr old .

    hated it-last for ages-boring,boring,boring-I would deffo say not for a 5 year old.

    A great film, I really enjoyed it but would not recommend for a 5 yr old.

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    Thanks for the feedback

    My nephew is 7 and he wasn't that impressed with it,he said it was too long lol

    We went to see a preview of the Sorcerers Apprentice last Sunday,that was brilliant and he loved it.

    Good film but not for a 5 year old.
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