The Khan Academy '2018 Breakthrough Junior Challenge' has started. A free to enter competition

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Basically, students from the age of 13-18 send in an up to 3 minute video explaining some subject in the sciences or mathematics. The prize is an enormous amount of money! Plus a scholarship Plus a visit to America to receive the prize
More details here:
Started on the 1st April. Submissions by the 1st July 2018
There is also a separate 'competition' (no prizes1) to honour a professional who has made a significant contribution to science/maths etc during the previous year.

In Brief: the Khan Academy. For people who don't know the Khan Academy is a basically non-profit making (free to use) organizational resource for studying many subjects from GCSE level to A level. It is perhaps best know for its videos, many of which are on youtube in the form of a teacher's blackboard accompanied by the teacher's voice. They explain quite well, I think, some difficult to grasp subjects. A particular favourite of mine concerns the scale of the Universe. They are, I think, an excellent resource for additional information if, you or your child is studying a subject. on the website itself, you can set up a complete teaching course for yourself including questions and answers and tests and a progress report. you need to register for this, but you don't seem to get any junk mail from them. It is American, but the accents of the speakers are not very pronounced and obviously, there are differences between SATs and the UK educational boards.
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There are many free to enter competitions of course but I think this one is notable here because of the Khan Academy which maybe not so many people know about
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Morning @jasee , moved from Deals to competitions as it's "A free to enter …Morning @jasee , moved from Deals to competitions as it's "A free to enter competition"

Ok thanks but where's their logo gone??

Should be this


Ok no logo in dicussion groups it seems
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Seems like a great YouTube channel! Bloke is well educated and talented, definitely deserves its popularity.
Khan Academy are an excellent resource and this competition seems like a really good opportunity for teenagers, I'm going to pass this on to people I know who could benefit. Thanks OP.
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