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    Its been about 6 months since i bought my laptop form the laptop shop in Brighton, now i need to reformat because its starting to slow, i had the guy in the shop set everything up, vista and the AVG security but i don't have the vista disc should i go and demand my vista disk back. iv been thinking of downloading it unlawfully but i hear they are full of viruses, any way i bought vista with the laptop i should have the disk.
    what to do, please help?


    It's a long shot but you could try contacting Microsoft themselves. I know they offered free official copies of XP if you could prove that you had been sold an illegal copy unknowingly.

    You would need to prove to them that you had a version of Vista and just see what they say...

    (It would definitely be worth contacting the shop first)

    I bought mine from a large retailer, sealed from manufacturer and it didn't have a Vista disc, my brother says its because people use them for older p.c.s etc and they don't care with XP coz its old but there is a demand for Vista (god only knows why) and they want people to buy their own copy.

    When you bought Vista with your laptop did you actually get an OEM copy or boxed retail version of Vista?, or where you actually charged for Vista separately?. If the shop actually installed Vista but did not supply you with the OEM version or boxed version it could be that they have installed an illegal copy of Vista.

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    i bought it because it had vista (i like it) and he said do you want me to sort it all out for you and i said yeah. i hope its not illegall. i dont have a reciet but i can print my bank statment i think that would be enough. im going to brighton on monday and ill see what he says.
    thanks all

    does the laptop have a Certificate of Authenticy under it at all? or anywhere on it with Windows Vista xxx Edition?

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    yeah its got a sticker on the bottom with a serial number

    If your laptop was made by an actual manufacturer like sony, toshiba etc, it will not come with a vista disc, as all manufacturers install their own software on the machine that enables you to make your own recovery disc.

    If it was a made-to-order machine and the people instore made it for you, they would have installed vista on the machine and should therefore have given you an official copy of windows. If they didnt do this, then they obviously installed a multiple-use business copy of windows, which is illegal
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