The last Eastenders thread!

    I have a question for you all. If the episode tonight was live then what will they show next week! Im sure that they film this a few weeks in advance. How have they filmed any other shows if no one knew who the killer was!

    Have a think about that one! im off to play COD2!


    Nothing is being said about the murder until a couple of months. Which will be filmed around about now.


    well maybe it was all planned and rehearsed ready? just like any other drama, bit of a shocker being stacy though aint it, bradley dying was so obvious the minute he ran up the building, bit a repeatition with all the other building jumping deaths (ie phils ex wife the one that harmed ben) etc etc

    stacey is still in it next week struggling with bradleys death so maybe max doesnt tell anyone and thats how they managed to keep it secret just change the end bit where revealed was stacey

    Maybe they are going to start filming a few scenes to drop in the future episodes.

    Like they did wiith Michael Jackson's death...

    think it wont be revealed in the program for a week or so. So they have time to play catchup with the advance recordings.

    Don't forget Stacey only told Max that it was her that done it, so to the police and everyone else it was Bradley that done it, and so will just think that the the case is all sewn up, they will get on with other story lines, like Archie raping Ronnie and Peggy, and Danny is Grant, Phil and Sam's half brother(as seen in tv mag), then somewhere in the future it will probably come out that it was not Bradley after all and that Stacey was the killer.
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