The Last Of Us Part II - Cheapest Preorder

Posted 27th Apr
Have tried using the search but it wasn’t showing up (I am on mobile that might be why)

Where currently has the best preorder price?
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I used gamiivo to get £50 of psn vouchers for £35 a few weeks back, and then added a fiver to pay the £55 on the PlayStation store (total price £40).

Obviously that’s dependant on the offer coming back on and you being okay with a digital version.
Amazon had the Special Edition available for £60 last year and it was at that price for a while.
Judging by the reaction to the leaks probably best waiting for it to drop to below £20.
Think it might be best worth waiting closer to the release as there will probably be a special code at TGC before it comes out, I think £45 will be the going rate for places like SimplyGames, Shopto and TGC.

Hopefully we'll get to play as Joel somewhat through the game, those 2 are a good pair IMO
Any updates on a better price?
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