The Last Train

    Hey anyone remember the 1999 tv series The Last Train?

    Trying to find it on dvd but cant find it anywhere!

    Anyone know where i could watch it online or get a copy?

    Been looking a bit but cant find it!

    Doesnt help that im not feeling too great


    I have a vague recollection of watching this... im pretty sure its never been released on dvd which is a shame!
    il be keeping my eye on this thread as id like to see it again myself..
    cant see anywhere to watch it online but only had a quick look.. suppose there is a chance the sci-fi channel may show it again one day ( hopefully!)

    sorry you arent feeling well...

    a quick search doesnt find any copies in existance... but ths thread might yield some info for you...…tml

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    had a look at but can't get it to work there

    Gunna keep looking tho as i remember it was quite good.

    Oh and thanks got a dr appointment tomorrow so hopefully will be sorted soon

    It was never released on DVD, but there was a copy hanging around a few years ago.

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    Any ideas on where to watch it??

    Was on uknova not too long ago

    was definately a version released on dvd , cuz my best mate had it an gave me alone of it a few months back. he got it off ebay so i think its all about yr luck trying to find it just now .

    Original Poster

    Thanks still looking but hope to find it soon!

    still ill tho
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