The Legend of Zelda

    I'm currently on a rampage going through every Zelda game I can get my hands on.

    In the last few months I've completed:

    Ocarina of Time
    The Minish Cap
    Twilight Princess
    Phantom Hourglass.

    Currently revisiting the favourite game of my youth - A Link to the Past.

    In my life, the only ones I haven't done are the NES ones, Majoras Mask and the Oracle GBC games.

    I'm gonna do them all. From SNES down I'll be doing them on my PSP, and from Wii down I'll be doing them all on my Wii. I have all the original consoles but it's a lot easier this way.

    Wish me luck, because Zelda is the best gaming series in the universe.

    Walk On.


    Good luck!

    I agree, I have played many of the zelda games

    For majora's mask there is a challenge if your upto it. After going through it and getting the deku mask when you restart the day. Try to complete all 4 dungeons and save the planet in 1 day. It is possible but hard.
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