The Link seems to have changed Cashback T&C's


    Just to give you all a heads-up I have just had with the Link.

    I have an O2 Contract phone with them on a cashback deal.

    The T&C's of the cashback state:

    " Due to the administration process you should allow 28 days for your
    application to be fulfilled."


    "Once each application has been validated you will be sent a cheque to the value within 28 days of your application being received. If after this time you have not received your cheque please telephone 01858 414717."

    So it is very clear of a 28 day timeframe.

    The cheque for first cashback I had was sent out on the 28th day after receiving my claim. Obviously this was so they so they could keep hold of the money for as long as possible.

    However, the second cashback is taking hell of a lot longer.

    After contacting them, it appears that they now process the claim on the 28th day and the cheque will be with you within 21 days of your claim being processed. After quizing them why it takes 21 days for the ink to dry on the cheque I was informed that it is now company policy to hold onto the cheques for 10 to 14 days.

    When I informed them that this was not in line with the T&C's the response I got was basically tough and to put any complaint in writing.

    Therefore can I urge all in the same boat to complain in writing before these robbing gits move the goal-posts again. If they think they can get away with stealthily changing T&Cs they will. So the more people who complain, then hopefully they will realised they've been sussed.

    So the address is:

    Beatrice Winstanley,
    Chequeback Promotions,
    PO Box 503,
    LE94 0AD.

    And if anybody has any suggestions on how I can get trading standards involved, I would be glad of some pointers. I'm getting hacked of with the attitude of big companies treading on the little man.

    There and relax. Rant over.


    Hi cucumber

    Is the issue with long processing time with cashback claims?

    Original Poster


    Maybe I was so busy ranting, I wasn't clear on the point I was trying to make.

    The point of my rant was that the terms and conditions say 28 days.

    The Link (or rather the company administering cashback claims) have decided to extend this to 28 + 21 days. 49 days in total which is not what the T&Cs state.

    I'm sure if I broke my side of the T&C's they wouldn't payout.

    Hop this clears up my problem.

    This is very common, I'm afraid. Chatterbox should 28 days acc to T&C's but received an email few days ago saying that its going to takes 28 days more. CoolNewMobile should process the cheque within 28 days but the last & final cheque took nearly 2 months.

    TheLink have good reputation in paying cashback claims & personally, I wouldn’t be worried if they take a bit longer to process

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