The littlewoods £50 off no minimum spend warning

Found 1st Dec 2008
I have been researching into this deal as last night me and my mum went a bit crazy ordering loads of stuff for barely nothing after seeing the deal on HUKD.

Last year a code meant for only a small target group was sent out and was released on chatrooms such as this one. this code wasfor £25. thousands of people who where not entitled to the code under the t&c of the site that state-
2.3 Promotional codes are codes that enable customers to obtain benefits such as discounts, free delivery and free gifts. These codes are non-transferable so may only be used by the person to whom they are issued and must only be used in accordance with their terms and conditions of use. If you use a promotional code to claim a promotional benefit, you must first check that it was issued to you and that you are eligible to use it. By using it to claim a promotional benefit you will be confirming that:-

(i) you are entitled to use the code;
(ii) you meet all the conditions that apply to its use;
(iii) you agree to the terms set out below.

If, before accepting your order, we find that you are not entitled to use the code or do not meet all the terms and conditions of its use, we may reject your order or alternatively process it without the promotional benefit being applied. If, after accepting your order, we find that you were not entitled to use the code or did not meet all the terms and conditions of its use, we may reverse the benefit that you obtained. If you transacted on a cash basis e.g. by debit or credit card, we may take a further payment, equivalent to the value of the benefit obtained, from the card used. If you transacted on a credit basis, the value of the benefit obtained may be charged to your credit account.

this can be found on…stm

martin from money saving experts managed to make a deal with littlewoods to refund all the people they had charged the £25 to. he however made a deal to not step in if any other mistakes where made by littlewoods and he advises all people not to use littlewood codes unless they are sent to you.…235

one man however managed to get through the system on his own…stm

If they went to these extreames to stop people using a £25 voucher code and get their money back, then there is big chance they will do it again considering people have been using this code many times, taking £100s or even £1000 each of littlewoods goods. when they wrote letters to people last year it was 2 months after they had recieved their goods and was too late to send them back, so watch out.
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i used that code last year on about 6 to 8 accounts i never had the money taken back plus there have been other codes such as the £30 off a £60 spend and i have never been charged for that although i do worry everytime i used a large amount code but i think if you dont take the risk you get nothing plus more to the point if the catalogues are that strict on people not using them they shouldnt bring them out. if i was to get caught out with them i would owe thousands so there is no way i could pay them back they have there way at not letting you use certain codes so really they should clamp down its down to them and like i say if i got caught i would offer to pay back but only by £1 per month and if they was to take you to court as a last resort personnally i dont think they could do much to be honest its like buying something in a shop and later being told you have to pay more.
oh and if the £25 was that important to them wouldnt you think they would be extra careful to make sure a £50 code didnt leak out? they only have thereselfs to blame.
so far i have been lucky when using codes that were not sent to me in the first place, so fingers crossed, i just ordered my boyfriend 3x 2100 microsoft points for the 360, and it said just under £10 to pay, i think he may cry if he doesnt get to have them
oh he will get them people are just scared they will get charged the extra along the line but like i say above if you dont take the risk you dont get.
i think that even if they did charge me the full price i would just tell him to have them, he always wants points anyway, just be another pressie for him even though i said no more
yeah but people do go over the top and buy for the sake of it or should i say take i bought 3 x pack of 2 fred perry tshirts they were £24 a pack and 3rd item was free so total £48.00 and £50.00 discount applied and you get charged -£2 credit.

maybe Littlewoods and co are beginning to wonder where the high volume of … maybe Littlewoods and co are beginning to wonder where the high volume of customers are coming from. I know I come on here for ASDA free delivery codes, which are supposed to be for the recipient only, I cross my fingers every time I use one, 'cos they never send me one!! You're getting the codes for free, so if they work, bonus, if not, buy as you normally would.:thumbsup: I hve to add I have an account with Littlewoods, and never order from them unless I have a code, courtesy of here, they've worked so far...........

if i ever get any codes for asda then you can have them, i will just pm them to you, i get some quiet often, but i dont shop online there, well so far i havent lol :thumbsup:
Thanks for putting the links together. I have also been reading about this and curious as to what will happen this time around. Think about it guys and gals, Littlewoods went through all that trouble to try and force people to pay that £25 back last year. This year, it is £50...they are not going to let it go easily.

A lot of people will probably receive their items tomorrow or Wed. Do not open your packages until this gets cleared up. I have emailed HUKD's blog editors to comment on this, hopefully they will shred some light into this.

i only shop there, when my cupboards et al, are all run down, i don't … i only shop there, when my cupboards et al, are all run down, i don't have a car, so it's easier to get it delivered, you know what i mean, when you need toilet rolls, milk, cereal,etc big and bulky stuff you can't carry all at once, i should get a taxi I know, but why , when peeps post the codes on here, but thanks, i will keep you in mind, rep added:thumbsup:

i know what you mean lol, i order from tesco online when i need dog food, toilet rolls etc, will keep them handy for you just incase
hi i have also uswed codes and never been charged full so fingers crossed it doenst happen this time xxxxxxxxx

In my experience, they're pretty hot with delivery and if you don't like, … In my experience, they're pretty hot with delivery and if you don't like, they're cool with returns, they'll even pick up if you can't get to your local PO!! Problem sorted, if you really want what you're ordering and can't find it elsewhere they're ok!!:thumbsup:

Alot of people keep saying that if Littlewoods take back the discount, then people can just return the items. They need to understand that last year, Littlewoods tried to take the discount back 2 months after people received the items. So there was no option to return the items since it was well past the return for refund date.
ok well the code doesnt seem to be working anymore so they must have realised already so might stop any orders that havnt gone out yet, annoying as i have spend a fortune on P+P. i wouldnt have bought everyone extravagant gifts for christmas!
hopefully they will email or write to the people asap if we cant get away with it so we can send the stuff back!
As I said before I would not use this £50 code its just too dodgy. The codes for new customers though are perfectly fine, I even phoned up additions direct(they are all part of the same group) to enquire about a £30 off a £60 spend and the employee said I was eligible to use it.
Nether code (£50 & £30) are working tonight!
£50 is working for me but i dont know whether to risk it.
How many of you have used it?
it worked for me yesterday and it was something i wanted any way, so in for a penny ??? maybe £50, we'll see, but i have tested it this morning and it does not work :

If you have a promotional code please enter it here and click 'submit code'. Ensure your code contains 2 letters and 3 numbers (e.g. AB123).

Promotion code: Terms & conditions
ZG674 - Sorry, this promotion code cannot be applied to your order.

so guess they have realised, i just hope if they are not going to honour it they let people know, just keep an eye on bank statements and see what happens

working or not working is it worth chancing
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