The London Bridge Experience + London Tombs...anyone been?

    What's it like? Thinking of doing a trip to London and going to Camden but just seen this online. Would be going with 19, 16 and 11 year olds.


    Hey I did this last week, although the view from the top walk way was very nice, and we did have a good day out, I wouldnt recomend this to someone taking kids especially teenagers, there is a short vidoe explaining how it was made and the different design ideas and problems faced thats quite informative, however unless your a budding engineer or very interseted in the architecture involved then i would give this one a miss. Its also 10 quid entry not sure if your youngest will get in free but there is loads more to do in London with 40 quid as the whole 'Experience' is pretty much over in 45 mins.
    Why not try the Science/Natural History Museum or Imperial war museum all free!

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    Anyone been?

    My bad! Now you've mentioned it, it was actually the Towerbridge Experience we did! :oops:
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