The Lost Planet Thread

    just got lost planet today,its amazing anyone stuck at the moment where you have to fight that big alien,its body is in a hole and it breathes ice on you,and its got a big yellow eye,it also has huge spikes in the ceiling above the alien.

    anyone got past this yet,i think its mission 5


    What are you on about? :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

    I think he's talking about the new xbox game Lost Planet :giggle:

    :thumbsup: it just before you get into one of the Vital Suits...and your following your dad around cause if it is you just keep on shooting at that monster and jumping around...try hitting the the red holes on his body where the thermal energy if you do that without dying it should go to a cutscene! Lost Plante is ace!...anyhoo hope it helps:thumbsup:

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    no its not that part,i dont know how to describe it lol.first your in a cave,and there a few entrances all around you,and i chose to drop down one of them,and i fell into a big pit,with a huge hole in the middle,the next thing,this huge monsters appears,there a vc suit,but the t eng goes down radiltyy so you soon loose vc,iv took about half of its health off, bt thats as far as iv got.i think its actually optionial to fight its top i love it.

    whys gear of war so short,iv complete about 9 hours all together i think,but it was with multi player with myy best m8.

    i'm only on the erd mission so dont know much of the game yet also the second boss is really easy but fun....i haven't completed GOW yet to busy playing Rainbow Six Vegas...that is an amazing game! i love the brilliant effects and team commands and the team itself truly next gen.:)
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