The make a wish foundation.

    someone wanna buy me ciazman and tazxxx GTA cos we wer gunna go to a midnight opening for a laugh but then realised that sleep is better. so who wants to buy us 3 copies :D?



    no probs, gather the cash and i'll get them, and anyone else's too.....

    in. PM me

    Original Poster

    ofcourse we cant pay in british sterling as we are students but we will pay in love and kindness and gratitude.

    i'd prefer Nigerian bank transfer....

    failing that - Western Union?

    Original Poster

    Yes Thankyou Please I Just Need Your Bank Details And Sort Code So I Can Tranfer Ze Monies?

    ok - one last check though - you do work closely with the church don't you? That would really put my mind at rest - then I can get the games and send them to you before you arrange the funds transfer..

    Original Poster

    yes sir. jesus is my homeboy sir.

    oh praise be - pm-ing my bank details now.

    how many copies of GTA do i ned to get?

    Original Poster

    as many as possible sir as i am sending them to my orphan children abroad in africa.

    well, why didn't you say! - i'll get a whole case and send them by overnight courier

    i got 6 copies on each format for you , please where shall i send them?

    Original Poster

    TO Mr George Ubankonawanga
    The orphan house of Nigeria
    deep in the jungle

    NF1 3PM

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