The Matrix Trilogy (3 Discs) (Blu-ray) -, Amazon etc. - £15

Remember earlier in the year when loads of shop had this listed at £15 (play, amazon, sendit).

Well mine has just been dispatched from Play, should be here around Monday.


lols mine is coming too, ill air 5 u

Original Poster

Air 5 back :-D

I cant wait to see this in HD, Matrix is one of my fave films (don't care too much for the sequels but still nice HD action).

i'll watch u air 5 each other and wish i too could join in..then rmeber i dont have any means to view blu ray at which point i will pack my bags and walk away from ur cyber celebrations

Been sent mine from both Play & Amazon!! Result!!

Mines coming from too for that price. First blu rays ive bought.

nothin for me but did receieve an email like a month back sayin it will be sent during 1st to 12th December....

Hehehe ironic, I bought mine way before this deal came up but in HD DVD I remember I paid £15 for it as well, I still have not got round to watch them. I know I will one day.


Dispatch note from Amazon @ £14.99


I was very puzzled to receive an email from Amazon today saying the Matrix Blu Ray was being despatched. I had to log into my account to see what was going on, thinking my account might have been hacked, only to be pleasantly surprised to see I'd ordered it months ago for £14.99.

Another great deal found on this amazing site!

Yes thankyou, i pre ordered my set in July,thinking won't get it at that price,amazon sent it of to me for £14:99.
Thanx, can't wait to watch all over again in blu ray.

mine jus got dispatched...thank you

Mine's dispatched from Amazon too. I don't even have a Blu-Ray player! :oops: I do intend to get one sometime though, after I've got round to watching all the cheap HD DVDs.

This is the first incorrectly priced product that's been honoured for me!

:thumbsup:Mine's Dispatched as well

dispatched.. bargain indeed.. got £26 ON EBAY FOR MY USED HDS


Great deal for all you that got it at this price! Well done. I recently had the complete Bond set (42 discs) for £15.47 from Amazon. :thumbsup:

Arrived this morning from Amazon, all I need now is a Blu-Ray player. :-D:-D:-D

Wahey arrived this morning,thanx again,looking forward to watching them,as i have a blu ray player lol


recieved this morning and watchin it...


Arrived this morning from Amazon, all I need now is a Blu-Ray player. … Arrived this morning from Amazon, all I need now is a Blu-Ray player. :-D:-D:-D

Me too.

I have the HD DVD already, but thought I'll end up with Blu-Ray at some point so might as well risk getting it half price.

One thing - the run times are about 5-10 minutes longer for each film on Blu-Ray than HD DVD, anyone know why? As far as I know, the HD DVD versions had the headbutts included, so I'm guessing that can't be the difference, and that would only be a minute or so at most anyway.

i say mine arrived......but come to watch it and couldnt!!!
Had to download updates for my sony blu-ray player....
you learn something new everyday!
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