The mentality of some people on here drives me mad!!

    I'm getting bored of some people on here. In the last few weeks I've noticed quite a few snide threads that openly invite people to troll and make comments about things that will get them into trouble. It's like some people get off on lighting the fuse, then sitting back and watching the fireworks.

    Well I'm sorry, but it's childish and also gutless. If you haven't got the nads to say it yourself and face the consequences yourself, don't bother.

    Not big.

    Not clever.




    go away troll :P


    go away troll :P


    Ahhh I see what you're trying to do! Very clever :-D :-D :-D

    This thread is nothing without links…=wi…oq=

    bit of an anti-climax...... although on the second link theres a mini sloth look-a-like on a big chopper, that entertained me for 7 seconds (which admittedly outlasts the entertainment endured by the missus)


    is this an RSVP invite?



    thats the one, whats with the OTT amount of brake cables? or is it his take on re-inacting the famous great escape barb wire jump...... for that ever lasting adrenaline rush
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