The Mercury Projects - New Band of which I have recorded for.

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Found 28th Dec 2008
Hey these guys are like my best mates and I recently recorded one of there covers at a live gig. Using all proper equipment and all that, Im a sound techie at my college. The backing vocals are out of tune I know.. but have a listen and add these guys pleaaaase! =D




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Unless my sounds fubar'd, the track is doing them no justice as its only coming out Left sound channel...

Sound doesn't sound very level either.

Yep, only comming out of left channel and sounds quite bad to me.
I'm glad I didn't pay to listen to this band.

wow that's awful

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Lmao - Ok so the left channel is because I didnt record in stereo because otherwise id of had 2 of got another desk out.. Its not level because it was recorded live and they didnt quite realise that that would have 2 keep themselves right... and yes i agree backing vocals louder than main vocals... these guys would be 10 times better if i was singing because i can actually sing ( yes i have vocal coaching) BUT THERE MUSICAL TALENT IN PLAYING IS UNBELIEVEABLE, the main vocals actually plays piano and hes insane, you will see him in the future... Later with Matt Malone.
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