The MoneySavingWay to light 2 roof beams at christmas in a bedroom

    You're going to need -

    Quite a long ethernet cable (3m)
    Some Scissors
    2x USB cables
    2x USB wall socket dings
    1x Semi-Active brain


    First off cut the jacks off both ends of the ethernet cable
    Cut the ethernet cable in half through the middle
    Get you scissors and rip the plastic/rubber that the wires are surrounded by...(usually the grey stuff.)
    Untwist all the wires (May take about an hour lol)
    Save 4 of the wires
    Cut the rest of the wires into about 3" (No need to measure though - just guess) strips ( I managed to make 127 lol)
    Get your maplin cheap cra^^y leds 80 assorted bla bla and moan about how strange yoor set will look..
    Get the leds and individually twist and eleccy tape tape them to the end of the 3" strips (you need some of the wire showing btw) Do 2 sets of 39 leds and make sure it loops at the end and then attach the first led to one of the long wires etc and the same with the other part where it loops.
    After about an hour you will hopefully have finished. (hopefully).

    At the end of the wire on both sets split your usb cable in half and wire the power part of it (redorblack or redorwhite I think).

    make sure all bits of it look safe..

    Then attach them to your beams in the long string and plug em in to your usb socket and be amazed.. (hopefully! lol)

    Thankyou for reading the most badly written guide in history..



    Original Poster
    Also the worlds most badly done diagram tooo

    pics and videos

    No pic of it finished?

    Original Poster


    No pic of it finished?

    i've got to make it first... I need 2 go to maplin..)


    Now i'll admit i am a cheap skate:…=11

    But this is a whole new level to me! WOW.

    "master please take me as your student"

    lol made me laugh
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