"The mood of the country"

    Keep hearing this said on the news etc.

    What IS the mood of the country, how are people REALLY feeling?

    Is this a LOW point in comparison with past times?

    Or is it all media hype?


    feeling quite happy actually, how about you?


    Been unemployed for 6 months but have never been happier in my adult life … Been unemployed for 6 months but have never been happier in my adult life :-D

    good for you. :thumbsup:

    i'm always happy :-D

    Original Poster

    Lucky and unhappy......

    UK has always been miserable, but hey that's the way we like it.

    so maybe we are happy being miserable? :?

    im a miserable cow


    im a miserable cow

    Yeah but are you usually a miserable cow? or is it a sign of the times :thumbsup:

    I feel great. Sun's shining, weather's good, happy with my job, like the people I work with, my friends are great, and I've got a spag bol on the cook. I had a bowl of it, and that's great, too.

    Me, I think it's just the press talking nonsence.

    I'm a bit ****** off tbh :x

    But only because there's a vindictive fly in here that keeps landing on me :lol:


    I'm thinking if i had waited 2yrs to buy a house i would have been quids in. Instead i'm thinking i'll declare myself bankrupt save the hassle.

    And yes we would have had 30-40% deposit


    Hum the clock on here is an hour slow
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