The most expensive HDMI cable. 5m hdmi cable.

Found 18th Apr 2011
The most expensive HDMI cable I've ever seen. £200/metre

I want to buy a telly and some blueray players to match my super charming 'Gold plated' hdmi cable, any suggestions?

Technical Details
Gold-Plated for optimum signal quality
Designed for High Definition TV, Plasma and LCD screens
2 ferrite beads for reduced EMI
Advanced EMI and RFI reduction


But its GOLD plated

Nearly as expensive as the ones in Currys/PC World X)

have some heat cos of the braveness

You get what you pay for, so this must be CLASS!!

Heat added

yeah digital signals require cable like this......................................

Dont buy the Amazon ones , I bought 3 , 2 for game consuls and 1 for my satbox . One was faulty and had to go back , the other 2 are hitty missy . It cost me 3 grand for them too . I was thinking they were the best ones around for the price , but I was mistaken . I bought 3 new ones from Poundland and there ....great .

It baffles me how some places think they can charge this for a cable, you can't honestly tell me that the picture is even a smidge better than a cable from poundland, as it is digital, it either works or it don't, i think it is a throwback to the analogue days where expensive cables could make a (small) difference.
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