The Naughties: The Decade of Premium Product Culture?

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Found 5th Oct 2009
Further to a post I've just made in a deal for Girafe restaurants. The naughties seem to be the decade of "premium product culture". A lot of places have been spriging up over the last few years with vastly inflated prices.

It largely seems to be in the food and drink industry, places like Girafe, Subway, GBK, Costa Coffee / Starbucks etc but I'm sure there's other areas too.

Ten years ago I would have laughed at the thought of paying £5 for a buttie or £7 for a coffee but today it has become the norm in a lot of places. My girlfriend complains about Tecco's cafe becoming a Costa Coffee and pricing her out of the market!

The strategy of these places seems to go along the lines of letting the people with arguably more money than sense pay the full whack while having a constant flow of offers and vouchers ensures the more money concious of us aren't excluded either.

Maybe it's just a natural prgression, decade upon decade, or maybe people just generally have more money these days I'm not sure.

Does anyone agree with me here?

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