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    is anyone with them now and had any trouble with reception etc.... I am going to go on contract with them soon I have heard "roomers" about poor service, and bad reception.

    thanks you:thumbsup:


    Been with them 2 years and no problems the bad reception thing was a couple of years back there as good as all the others now imho and iv'e used them all.

    My husband has been with them for nearly a year now and no complaints at all, he has better coverage/signal than my orange phone!

    Same here, I've had no problems with reception and customer service has been fine. I've heard plenty of rumours as well, but never had any hassle.

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    ok thanks for the info guys, I thought there repection problems were when they firsted started up.


    Harvie316 a lot of the rumours are from "back in the day" when the networks were originally being rolled out.
    I was working for Orange PCs at the time.
    As 3 do not have their own infrastructure they lease the service from other providers. This caused problems in the past but nowadays th network coverage is really quite good.

    I have heard nothing but good things about 3 for abuot the past 12months.

    No need to worry imho


    The only problem I've had with them is their customer service is quite difficult to understand over the phone, and one of them hung up on me! Sent a message on the website and got a call 10 minutes later giving me a free month

    The only problem I've had with them is their customer service is quite … The only problem I've had with them is their customer service is quite difficult to understand over the phone

    Hehe, you get used to it. To really ruffle a few feathers though I must say I find scottish people harder to understand! :giggle:

    Been with them for four years, and have never had a problem. I love being able to check my minutes online on the phone. It updates right after you've hung up so you always know how many minutes you have. And it's been like this for all of those four years. That for me has always been a fantastic feature of three as has being able to browse the news for free on the handset for those four years too.

    The new tarrifs are quite cool. They will probably give you £5 of downloads. You should be able to download one good game and a couple of cheap games per month for this.

    Also I've been told that you can email people multimedia messages and it will be charged as an mms. However on many tarrifs you get 50 of these free each month! Check to see whether this is true though and they don't charge you for traffic.

    Find out how many and what type of phone masts there are in your area just use this site.

    Three coverage checker….do

    To give you an idea im in the "Voice & picture now" coverage and its very tempermental. Don't go with Three unless your well inside the "video now" coverage.

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    oh cool thanks for all the info guys, Thought id ask in this thread instead of another.

    is video calling charged both ways? or just to the person making the call

    Nothing wrong with 3, Nokia phones can be locked to three via menu options or 3rd party software

    Only real problem is travelling, if you make calls while on the move, train or car, it cannot switch mast like the other networks can so you'll get alot of dropped calls while travelling on a call, otherwise it's fine.

    Network coverage is fine...if not better than other places. Just signed up today for another 12months without a new handset I am now paying £10.00 a month instead of £30 for 150 texts and 750 mins plus all the normal extras.
    The only downside is the Indian call centres but I have always managed to get what I needed.

    been with them for a few years now, went on contract with them when they first came out and yes the network service was poor, not anymore though, i also have an o2 contract and both are equal to each other now, but i live in the south of england, so maybe someone can help you out who lives around your area, though 3 should give you idea of coverage,

    also their customer service has been great for me.

    hope all goes well!!:)
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