The NEW and IMPROVED "HotUKDeals' IRC Chat Room" - Details and help.

    HotUKDeals' IRC Chat

    There are two ways to get to the channel:

    * The web-based java chat by simply visiting ** **
    * Connect via your IRC client to #hotukdeals on

    For more info, see the comments on this post.


    The chat is for HotUKDeals, however HotUKDeals' staff cannot be held responsible for what is said there. Please don't take anything said in the IRC chat too seriously... remember that only the people in the room can see what has been said and most of them you will never meet, so don't take things to heart. I do ask, however, that a little common sense should be use. Treat people how you'd want to be treated, treat them as though they could come knocking on your door tomorrow. Be nice. Have fun. Trouble makers can and will be banned from the IRC, and if problems persist you may receive a temporary ban on HotUKDeals too.


    Original Poster

    [SIZE=3]Connecting to the Chat Room[/SIZE]

    There are two ways to do this:
    1) Via the online web-based chat (no setting up to do). Probably best for the novice.
    2) Via a chat client. This needs setting up and is for really hardened IRC users.

    Web-based Chat (the easy way)

    All you need to do is visit the online chat. ]Click here and it should open in a new window. Type your HUKD username in the nickname box, and leave the password box blank (unless you have already registered there). Click on "Sign On". You can now move onto registering a nickname. You should probably bookmark that page.

    There are a couple of problems that can come up:
    1) It may say that the java certificate could not be digitally signed. Just click on "trust" or "run". It's safe.
    2) ZoneAlarm, and possibly other firewalls, may block it from running. If so, you need to unblock it.
    3) If it simply doesn't load then you might not have Java installed. ]Click here to get it. Java is used by many websites for various purposes so it's handy to have on your system.

    Access via an IRC Chat Client

    There are a few clients I suggest:

    1) ]mIRC - this is one of the most popular ones.
    2) ]XChat - this is cross platform. It's a popular option in Windows. Linux and Mac users should use this client.
    3) ]ChatZilla - this is an IRC extension for FireFox users. I use this one.

    You should set up your client in accordance with instructions and documentation on the website of that client. I cannot offer support, however users on here may be able to help you if you are having problems.

    To connect to the client:

    Firstly, try clicking >>]here. This should open the HotUKDeals IRC channel in your installed client.

    If nothing happens then you will need to connect manually. Follow the client's instructions on how to do this.
    Channel: #hotukdeals

    In some cases you will need to set up the server then, once connected, you will need to type...

    /join #hotukdeals order to connect.

    You can now move onto registering your nickname.

    Original Poster

    [SIZE=3]Registering your Nickname in the Web Client

    This only needs to be done once. It will register your nickname for all channels on the network. It is not really fully necessary but it stops people from pretending to be you and allows me to permanently change your user status in the channel to give you more access.

    [COLOR=Red]If you have trouble registering your nickname or simply can't be bothered then don't worry... you can still chat. It's just a good idea for regulars to do this so that other people can't pretend to be you.

    IMPORTANT: When registering your password it is NOT starred out, so make sure you aren't near anyone who you don't want to know your password, or use a different password to that which you use elsewhere!!

    When you first log on to the chatroom, type in either your HUKD username or a nickname you're known by on here (e.g. duckmagicuk2 --> ducky) and no password. Then click on "Sign on".

    You should then be in the room where people may or may not be chatting, and see a list of usernames on the right-hand side with yours in it. Double click on this username and you should see a pop-up which asks you to set a new password. Enter that password and follow the instructions to save it. You can also add to your profile.

    That's it! Your nickname is now registered. Simple, eh? You are now done and you can begin chatting.

    [SIZE=3]Logging In

    Once you've registered your 'nick' you can chat straight away, but next time you will need to prove that it is you.

    When you get the the chat page, you'll see the two boxes. Just tap in your username and password before clicking on "Sign On".

    You are now logged in. You will need to do this final step each time you join the channel, although it only takes a second.

    Original Poster

    reserved 3

    Original Poster

    [CENTER][SIZE=5][COLOR=Navy]E[/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=5][COLOR=DarkGreen]n[/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=5][COLOR=Navy]j[COLOR=DarkGreen]o[/COLOR]y [COLOR=DarkGreen]u[/COLOR]s[COLOR=DarkGreen]i[/COLOR]n[COLOR=DarkGreen]g [/COLOR][COLOR=DarkGreen]t[/COLOR]h[COLOR=DarkGreen]e[/COLOR] H[COLOR=DarkGreen]o[/COLOR]t[COLOR=DarkGreen]U[/COLOR]K[COLOR=DarkGreen]D[/COLOR]e[COLOR=DarkGreen]a[/COLOR]l[COLOR=DarkGreen]s [/COLOR]I[COLOR=DarkGreen]R[/COLOR]C [COLOR=DarkGreen]c[/COLOR]h[COLOR=DarkGreen]a[/COLOR]n[COLOR=DarkGreen]n[/COLOR]e[COLOR=DarkGreen]l[/COLOR]![COLOR=DarkGreen]![/COLOR][/COLOR][/SIZE]

    [CENTER] Channel: #hotukdeals



    i have java installed but i just get a blank page.

    i cant get in there

    not working for me


    its got probs atm



    its got probs atm

    Yup. Its Donald Ducked all right! Quack Quack!

    stupid things not working!!!!


    Thanks, Emasu, for buying the domain. Any problems then let us know!!


    oh dear.

    Original Poster

    Heh, it's been working fine all week and as soon as I posted it on here it went down. :-(



    Heh, it's been working fine all week and as soon as I posted it on here … Heh, it's been working fine all week and as soon as I posted it on here it went down. :-(

    Yeh, yeh, yeh....


    when is it going to be working then ducky?


    Quack quack quack quack quack??????????


    I think ducky may have been owned here.

    Waitingggggggggggggggggggggggggggg :whistling:
    Go and sit in the naughty corner....

    Original Poster

    Argh. It was working all week then went down as soon as I posted the link!! :cry:

    I'm waiting to see it it re-appears. If it doesn't then I'll have to rethink things...


    Come on ducky - its the only place online I can get a word in edgeways … Come on ducky - its the only place online I can get a word in edgeways and have a good laugh!!Plus missing DJ Naffs words of wisedom!

    who said that??..................... :lol: oh hi nikki

    If you want to take a look at the temp chat i have set up please take a look at [url][/url] now.

    Original Poster


    If you want to take a look at the temp chat i have set up please take a … If you want to take a look at the temp chat i have set up please take a look at [url][/url] now.

    Meh. maybe we should just stick to the original one? That one seems to be really slow and doesn't have many more advanced features than the one at ]accessirc.

    Original Poster

    I've just found out that there was a fire and an explosion at the place where the servers for the chatroom, along with another 9,000 servers, were all hosted. The whole lot had to be turned off, but will hopefully be back very shortly.

    This is what their website said:

    On Saturday, May 31st at 4:55pm CDT in our H1 data center, electrical gear shorted, creating an explosion and fire that knocked down three walls surrounding our electrical equipment room. Thankfully, no one was injured. In addition, no customer servers were damaged or lost.

    We have just been allowed into the building to physically inspect the damage. Early indications are that the short was in a high-volume wire conduit. We were not allowed to activate our backup generator plan based on instructions from the fire department.

    still not working for me ducky :-(


    Its working now descisions, descisions?????????Make your own mind up … Its working now descisions, descisions?????????Make your own mind up

    i think it's great




    Ok then..............If i must.

    Naughty! x

    No one wanted to chat to me :cry:


    Naughty! xNo one wanted to chat to me :cry:

    i was going to ignore this message to be funny, :oops: But that would have been mean :-D

    So..............Hi Babes. x :-D
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