The New Apple iPhone - Another ground breaking product!

Something for you gadget freaks...aren't we all these days.

Read this and watch your jaw doesn't hit the floor

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I get the feeling this could dominate the Deal forum later this year!

Apple's Steve Jobs Keynote 2007 speech




It is extremely extremely hot. Somehow we're all off topic and discussing this in the Apple TV thread in the Hot Deals forum but this would be a better spot

Yep, better thread to post in, lol.

This phone looks so cool, I just got a D900, and got an Ipod, but really want this. lol

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Some snippets of the keynote to make you're mouth water

9:52 - "The third thing -- I want to talk a little about design. We've designed something wonderful." 3.5-inch screen, highest resolution screen we've ever shipped, 160ppi. There's only one button, the "home" button.

"It's really thin, thinner than any smartphone. 11.6mm, thinner than the Q and the BlackJack, all of them. Ring and silent, volume up and down."

9:53am - "We have a 2 megapixel camera built right in, let's take a look at the top. A headset jack, 3.5mm, SIM tray, and a sleep-wake switch. Let's look at the bottom, we've got a speaker, mic input, and an iPod connector."

9:54am - We've also got some stuff you can't see -- 3 advanced sensors. It's got a proximity sensor, bring the iPhone to your ear and your display shuts off and toushccreen shuts down. Ambient light sensor -- adjusts brightness, saves power. Third thing is an accellerometer, it can tell whether you're in landscape and portrait. Let's turn it on."

9:55am - "Let's start with the iPod. You can touch your music. Widescreen video, you can find your music faster, gorgeous album art, bilt-in speaker, CoverFlow, why not?"

"Let me show it to you.." Demo time!

9:56am - iPhone is up on screen. He's got digital video running out. He's starting the power on, and has a gesture. [COLOR=#0052A3][/COLOR]Unlocks the phone by sliding finger across -- something you can't do by accident in your pocket.

9:57am - "Here's the home screen -- simple icons. Push this icon -- boom, I'm in the iPod. How do i scroll through my list of artists? I just take my finger and I just scroll." Loud cheers, people are starting to lose it a little.[COLOR=#0052A3][/COLOR] He's picked the Beatles... a sign of things to come?

It sounds wkd. When is it supposed to be coming out?


The multi-touch is ground breaking. If anyone has an ipod, try scrolling with two fingers on the wheel. It goes crazy.

This is the future: ]Multitouch display demo.

Real nice phone but Still think N95 is better.

Apple would be offering the iPhone to end customers in USA through the Cingular networks. Unfortunately, the device is expected to become commercially available in June 2007 only after it's approved by the FCC. Market availability in Europe is expected no sooner than Q4 2007, and as late as early 2008 in Asia. Initial pricing in Cingular networks will be 499$ for the 4GB model and 599$ for the 8GB one - both with a two-year contract.

i think it is out in June 2007

Yeah june for america and Q4 2007 for europe so october to december time.


The multi-touch is ground breaking. If anyone has an ipod, try scrolling … The multi-touch is ground breaking. If anyone has an ipod, try scrolling with two fingers on the wheel. It goes crazy. This is the future: ]Multitouch display demo.

That is very cool :w00t:. Not surprised Apple picked up on it ... always good at spotting excellent & innovative user interfaces

No 3G support and I'll bet the usual dollar to pound conversion rate holds.
I think I'll pass....

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