The new friday 13th

    I have just booked my tickets to go and see this tonight. I can't wait

    Any body else going to see this film tonight?


    Do tell what its like when you've been, quite looking forward to this!

    Just hope its not a shambles like the halloween remake by Rob Zombie, the idea was good but was a bit pants really.

    i want to go see this film but cant

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    I'm hoping that it is going to be good, it's the first horror movie i am going to the pics to see for a long time. lol.

    hope you enjoy it

    would sooner sit at home and scratch my balls

    the last one i watched was freddy vs jason. more of a comedy than a horror film.
    this series should have died along time ago imo.

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    well thats your opinion and your entitled to it

    Let us know how the film is, might go see it next weekend :thumbsup:

    Fancied this until i read some reviews, oh dear.

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    Fancied this until i read some reviews, oh dear.

    You shouldn't listen to what the reviewers say, most of them wouldn't know a good film if i bit them on the bum, some really good films have had bad reviews

    I can make my own mind up when i watch it (probably when it turns up on sky) but when three trusted reviewers say its disappointing and pointless i'd rather save my money.


    would sooner sit at home and scratch my balls

    Damn man, forget some dude in a hockey mask...thats some really scary $H1T :roll:

    I'm going to see this tonight as well! Looking forward to it. Although Freddy v Jason was awful :roll:
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