The New Look??

Just got back from holiday and noticed the new look when you click onto a deal. When did this happen? Can you click something to revert it to the original format?


You can, but the button is white on a white background (_;)

Actually a few of us have clubbed together to buy a Delorean and sort it out.

Please No ... I have been here while you were on holiday and I may go insane if there is even one more of:

'Oh what has happened? Can't I ( insert function) ...any more? I hate/love/dislike/don't mind/fap over the new site. My heat is not as hot as ... . I am leaving. I am staying. Where is everyone?' or the like.

Welcome back, hope you've had a great time. * smile smilie and thumbs up smilie*

Moan here:
clicky - bugs thread


you're in for a real treat if you have only noticed the look has changed so far

in b4 rep added


Check out all the threads in "Feedback".

Yealh the new look is a lot better and on the plus side most of the misc regulars don't post now.

While you`ve been on holiday we have all had a breakdown trying to work through this chaos.(insert tearing hair out smiley here) Believe me, we are not the same people you left behind. I`d make a quick exit if I were you while you still have your sanity.

why cant I rep OP for starting this thread?!?!

lol at chesso saying fap


lol at chesso saying fap

LOL never noticed that, rep to Chesso
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