The Newcomers Advice and Tips on HotUKDeals Thread

    Brilliant Richierea I'll sticky this thread for now…592 Newcomers Advice and Tips by Richierea

    mod edit: please follow the link above for HotUKDeals forum advice and tips - Thanks


    Looks pretty good but I think a few pics might break up all the writing.




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    I added the rep pic, if Richie wants to add more? Also perhaps a brief description of the report abuse button.

    Thanks Richierea An excellent rundown of what it's all about and it must have taken you some time sorting through it.

    I'm sure this will help a lot of new members! Thanks very much ;-)

    I would have found this really useful when I first came across the forum and did my first post a couple of days ago, but having said that, it's not been that hard to find my way round ( I have spent a lot of my free time on here so that has helped ) and folk seem really helpful, but to point you in the right direction if you have less time I think a lot of newcomers would want this info.

    Top banana! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

    I removed the QuidCo part, as QuidCo is seperate to HotUKDeals and there's a long thread for it in the Miscellanous section already

    Thanks for your comments, and to emma for making sticky and adding the icon. As it looks like it could be useful to people, i'll try and sort through what I have already posted, adding pics if appropriate as soon as I get a chance.

    If anybody has anything else they would like adding, just post below.
    I can either add what you post or if you just post the subject to be covered we can look it up and add.....

    :thumbsup: very helpfull. thanx.

    Yep that pretty much says it all .

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    Welcome to the forums mosschopsmoon!


    Excellent! Very helpful and informative thread Richierea! :thumbsup:

    Welcome to the forums from me too mosschopsmoon!

    Thank you for your hard work!! I was thinking of suggesting something like this but I didn't have the time...

    One thing I think is important is an FAQ: "Where did my deal go?".

    I can write it in a bit maybe so it can be included...

    I've moved these "Thank You" replies, so that a continuation thread can be added under the now locked one in Comments and Suggestions.

    Only just seen this thread and the newcomers info.

    One thing I think is missing is any info on the User Control Panel. Maybe this could be added at a later date?

    Rep to Richie as a lot of time has obviously gone into this...

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    It's been updated a bit greg, and is now stickied at the top of the comments forum.
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