The Nicholas Wylde Treasure Hunt @ nicholaswylde

Found 20th Apr 2017
PRODUCT: £10,000
£10,000 prize package

You have to register to receive the Clues

Help needed to solve the clues

Here are the CLUES:


A shop full of sparkles you will find here

We bring delight to those you hold dear

With a token of love that will never fade

A beautiful flower is not all we’ve made


Between a shop and elegant tea room

Where once Romans took their time

You’ll find a treasure of special bloom

Let hot waters be your sign


This family business has been here for 55 years

With first class products that’s music to your ears

It’s name doesn’t grow on a rolling stone

But with sound and with vision, it comes into its own


In a busy little shopping place

This lady came to set the pace

Of designer shoes, so wonderful to see

But who could this lady possibly be?


Fashion for men is what we excel at

Classic and chic and cool as a cat

You’ll find us on a bustling street

Where our Italian flavour is ready to greet


A gallery of art that’s full of history

Named after a Queen who came here to see

A building that opened during her reign

Take a look inside and play our game


The solution to this one is very clear

For holistic eye-care you should come here

A girl’s name, a boy’s name and you have the clue

There’s a treasure awaiting discovery by you

Remember the HUNT does not go LIVE until June 1st,

use this time wisely to crack the clues and be ready for when the HUNT begins.
RULES: solve where the 7 jewelled treasures are hidden in Bath city centre.

The Nicholas Wylde Treasure Hunt will be ready to play from June 1st – August 31st 2017
Enter competition: treasure.nicholaswylde.com/
Community Updates
Should be good fun... thanks
Hope someone nice in the area will help with the clues
Wonder if you have to send only the answers, or actually go these places to collect something or take a photo. A few years back I've done a comp like that with Tumi luggages. Didn't win, even though I travelled up to London, especially for the comp because the prize was amazing.
Anyone live in Bath? I'm in Hertfordshire, so would be a bit of a trek - So any ideas would be very welcome
Somebody called "chockie" on answerbank says they have solved 4 clues but he is asking for the other three answers
But not willing to share the ones he solved

Edited by: "telmealing" 1st Jun 2017

Somebody called "chockie" on answerbank says they have solved 4 clues … Somebody called "chockie" on answerbank says they have solved 4 clues but he is asking for the other three answersBut not willing to share the ones he solved

That's a little selfish, asking for help but not willing to share!
All 7 jewelled treasures are now in place in their ultra-secret locations and ready to be tracked down by you. You should have received clues to each location to help you solve the puzzles. (If you haven’t already got the clues, you’ll need to register first at wyldetreasure.nicholaswylde.com to receive them) The hunt runs from June 1st to August 31st so you have plenty of time to complete the trail.

Hunt down the jewelled treasures and collect the stone weights of each treasure (clearly visible at each location), add all 7 numbers up to reach one total number and send this number in with your final entry.

When you have completed the hunt and have the total number, head back to wyldetreasure.nicholaswylde.com to complete your entry.
Yes i thought it was selfish also so still no answers to any clues, sorry
perhaps the h in "chockie" is a typo !!!

sorry, I live in Bucks so cannot help with finding the answers.

The answers must be added together to give a final diamond weight and this is put on the entry form
Edited by: "telmealing" 4th Jun 2017
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