The North Face????…tml

could someone please look at this website and tell me if this is fake or real..



I wouldn't trust it.

Scam site...........was created yesterday.

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thought so, thanks both..

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found this aswell, presume its fake too..

btw trying to find my hubby a north face coat..

JO-JO this aswell, presume its fake too..btw … this aswell, presume its fake too..btw trying to find my hubby a north face coat..

Go Outdoors is good for NF.


Are you typing 'Fake North Face' into google?

ASOS have got some.

Also Cotswold Outdoor

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Are you typing 'Fake North Face' into google?ASOS have got some.

seems like it!! he he.. X)

I have paid money on credit card how do this unorthface site how do i get my money back?

I have ordered my other half a jacket on this site yesterday, have not received a confirmation email and the money being taken from my account is (slightly) more than the invoice; can anyone shed any light on if this is a legitimate company or not? Any help very much appreciated. Michelle

I have had the same experince the money has come out more than the invoice stated and still waiting a response from them and the website has also vanished the best thing is to call the credit company and fill in a dispute form...............

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hope you all get it sorted..

i bought a coat off unorthface or opertiny whatever it is and that was last month, money been taken still no goods...
what do i do as i paid by direct debit?? any help pleaseeeeee

i have also bought a coat off this site. i have payed by credit card . does anyone know how i can go about trying to get my money back... i have already named and shamed them ..
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