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The NTS Scams Team is supplying the trueCall Secure call blocker unit FREE

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Posted 16th Oct 2019
he National Trading Standards (NTS) Scams Team has secured government funding to provide free call blocking units to help protect people in receipt of scam or nuisance phone calls and feel their circumstance may make them more likely to fall for a scam.


What Is A Call Blocker And How Does It Work?The NTS Scams Team is supplying the trueCall Secure call blocker unit. A call blocker is a unit that filters unwanted scam or nuisance phone calls from your landline. You can watch some short animations on how the unit works here. The call blocker checks the caller's number. If it is a trusted caller then it allows the phone to ring as normal. If the caller isn’t recognised, then the call blocker acts as a personal assistant by intercepting the call and asking the caller to identify themselves. This process blocks around 95% of unwanted calls without the phone ever ringing. If you want even more protection, the call blocker can completely block calls from unrecognised callers with an automated message asking them to hang up and call a nominated person if their call is important. The unit plugs into an existing phone and phone line, it can work alongside broadband and/or lifeline/pendant devices that are already installed.

Further InformationThe unit will be installed and set up by a qualified engineer from QubeGB who will show you how to manage the unit's settings. At installation you will be asked to complete a short survey and consent form. The NTS Scams Team will contact the applicant at three months and six months after installation, to carry out another survey.

To find out if you (or someone you know) is eligible for a free call blocker to be fitted, please start the survey below. Please note we have a very limited number of units and they will be allocated on a first come first served basis.*

What Happens Next?You can apply for either yourself or someone else by completing a short online survey with their consent.Receive the call blocker (can take up to five working days) along with a welcome letter detailing how to arrange an installation date and time. The installation team, QubeGB will endeavour to install your unit within two weeks of arranging an installation date.Engineer arrives at the arranged date and time to install the call blocker and completes the installation survey and consent form.After three months and then again at six months, a member of the NTS Scams Team will contact the applicant to complete a short survey over the phone.
*There is no charge associated with obtaining a free call blocker. At no point will anyone contact you out of the blue from the project and request money. QubeGB will only contact you to arrange an installation date if you haven’t made contact within five days of receiving your call blocker in the post.
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