The o2 £329 xr phone

Posted 16th Dec 2019
Those of you who bagged one of these and then cancelled the contract,did you pay for the month or just for the data you used till you cancelled the contact,
I got charged the full month around £21
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Either way it’s still a great deal
Will2116/12/2019 18:02

Either way it’s still a great deal

It is, not really complaining just curious
mickhitchuk16/12/2019 18:04

AgrIt is, not really complaining just curious

Go on web chat they will probably be a credit on your account, mine was £16 and change after they and then three messed up the stac. Web chat will sort it for you.
I paid nothing, but the last time i got charged the full month
Most will Of been charged the month but don’t worry you’ll get it all back minus a quid when the next bill is raised and shows you cancelled.
Yes I went on webchat once I noticed it and they said I had £20 credit which would be released to me within 10 days. Should be fine in the end!
I got the S9, been charged a month by DD. Email said they took the first bill at £0, so I'm a little confused. But o2 has definitely took money from my account. If it's only one month I won't mind, was still worth it.
How did you get that phone at £329.
I got charged a full month at £21 too so I went on 'live' chat to tell them I cancelled the o2 refresh plan 1 day after activating the sim. They had this on record and said they would credit my bank with about £19.50 (£21 minus 2 days worth?).

It's been 8 days now but no sign of the credit so I will give them another call at the weekend if it doesn't arrive.
I got the XR deal. When I phoned up to cancel she said it would be a few quid but was only charged 69p.
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