the o.c series 3,pisode 1:iv missed it,where can i see it again

    iv missed the first episode,and i also missed the repeat on sunday,anyone know good place to download it from,or does anyone happen to have it on there computer,what they could send me





    I nearly missed it to but managed to sky plus it. I have checked for you cant see it being on again. You will have to wait for the repeat on channel 4.

    If you go onto the website you can read a really indepth synopis on what happened. Trust me I read the next ten episisodes!!!!

    Hope this is of some help.


    Not the greatest quality but if you gotta see it, you gotta see it
    I'll PM you the link to the stream as it would be better if the site wasn't flooded tbh.

    PM sent

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    i have to sign up to that torrents though,there wont be enough time,the next episode is on tuesday,so im in a rush.can anyone post a direct link, donkeonne the one you sent me has french substitles and iit keeps freezing,thanks is much apreciated

    I'm sure it will be on youtube if you have the patience to search for it

    You have to let it download a decent buffer or else it will jump. Are the french subbys really so bad? The Youtube version I know of is split awkwardly into three parts.

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    just been on youtube,cant find anything on series 4,do you have a link mbeeching.i dont think its the buffer thats the problem,because it stops in the same place everytime

    I'll try and pop home for the link at lunchtime. The big question though is, will you be able to resist watching up to episode 10...

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    i just wanted to watch the first episode b4 the second which is on tonight,im well agrivated,cant find anywhere,thanks me asap.

    Not checked it out, but what about the 4OD service, 4 On Demand? Is it not available on there?

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    i had a look on there last night,there was no sign of it.dont you have to pay for that.

    Yeah, you do have to pay, but i heard when it was launched, content was like a quid or two tops

    You've got mail... I didn't get a lunch break to get the link (that's the third day in a row now!) - Found it eventually though.

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    thanks,much appreciated
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