The Official HUKD 'Is pornography damaging society?' *Adult - discussion thread

Found 29th Sep 2010
This thread is the place to discuss all things related to the issue of pornography and its effect upon people and wider society.

There is growing evidence to suggest that pornography is very damaging to society.

The issues are complex and often confusing but some of the main issues:

- Modern popular pornography is not benign titilation
- The most popular porn is often cruel and violent porn which given what we know about how images affect people, this is going to have a profound influence on sexuality, behaviour and attitudes towards women
- There is a risk of users be desensitised to porn over time, and therefore some users are seeking out ever harsher, more violent and degrading imagery.
- Worryingly, the audience is getting younger. US Market research conducted by internet providers found that the average age a boy first sees porn today is 11; a study from the University of Alberta found that one third of 13-year-old boys admitted viewing porn; and a survey published by Psychologies magazine in the UK last month found that a third of 14- to 16-year-olds had first seen sexual images online when they were 10 or younger – 81% of those polled looked at porn online at home, while 63% could easily access it on their mobile phones.
- Early indications are that the earlier men use porn the more likely they are to have trouble developing close, intimate relationships with real women, often preferring porn to sex with an actual human being, casuing bewilderment when real women don't want or enjoy porn sex.
- Porn culture also changes the way women and girls think about their bodies, their sexuality and their relationships. The more porn images filter into mainstream culture, the more girls and women are stripped of full human status and reduced to sex objects. This can effect girls' sexual identity and even rob them of their own sexual desire.
- Sexual assault centres in US colleges have said that more women are reporting **** rape, which could be attributed directly to the normalisation of **** practices in pornography. The more porn sexualises violence against women, the more it normalises and legitimises sexually abusive behaviour. Men often learn about sex from porn, and in porn nothing is too painful or degrading for women.
- "childified porn" has significantly increased in popularity in recent years, with almost 14m internet searches for "teen sex" in 2006, an increase of more than 60% since 2004. There are legal sites that feature hardcore images of extremely young-looking women being penetrated by older men, with disclaimers stating all the models are 18 and over. It could be argued that regular exposure to such material has an effect of breaking down the taboo about having sex with children.

Information taken from an interview with Gail Dines taken from the Guardian newspaper online. Link to interview and other references here:…phy
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who cares theres more important things in life!
What is your opinion op?
loooooooooooooool BG

OP, Rather than cut and paste, if you're after a debate, please lead the … OP, Rather than cut and paste, if you're after a debate, please lead the way, or is this a Public Service Announcement whilst you stand back and watch members do the usual ?

who mentioned spam?
Don't know about society but it's not doing much for my eyesight
Depends if your with Sky or not?
Hahahaha still a viable topic on here is it, a family forum? An op talking about sexual practices and **** rape, I did say............
Women enjoying porn never happens then? Lots of mentioning of men and boys watching it and women being the "victims" so I guess no women enjoy it and it's purely a male pastime?

Porn almost gives permission to its consumers to treat women as they are … Porn almost gives permission to its consumers to treat women as they are treated in porn. In a recent study, 80% of men said that the one sex act they would most like to perform is to ejaculate on a woman's face; in 2007, a comment stream on the website included a number of women who said that, on a first date, they had, to their surprise, experienced their sexual partner ejaculating on their faces without asking.

have to agree my youth there was porn about but definitely not as hardcore or perverse and the quality and quantity easily available i find shocking!yes teens need to learn about sex and relationships but not err to finish the job on a girls face lol. i am not a prude or moral guardian for the record
OP wanna come back to mine and ****?
no its not


1. obviously child porn is totally unacceptable and needs to be addressed
2. There probably is too much over sexualisation in some parts of the media and advertising, but thats not to say there isn't a place for porn
Simple. No people do. In the same way guns dont kill people, people do.
Op has posted this topic a lot in the last three days, fair enough once, but bringing it up again and again.....

Does OP have an issue he wishes to discuss? But wants to be made comfortable with others talking about it first?


What is your opinion op?

It's something that has caused real issues with my mates whenever I've dropped it into conversation down the pub - almost like they didn't want to admit that they used and maybe even had a problem with using porn. I think at least SOME of the problems I listed are very real problems for alot of people but it's seen as prudish to confront or challenge porn.

Op has posted this topic a lot in the last three days, fair enough once, … Op has posted this topic a lot in the last three days, fair enough once, but bringing it up again and again I mean get a life.

But this time its official
of course it is

But this time its official

I edited that haha!

OP get offended if his threads are spammed, watch out as the mods are on the case!…pdf

have a read OP
asayer a read OP

This maybe warrants an 'OFFICIAL' counter argument thread

This maybe warrants an 'OFFICIAL' counter argument thread

Go for it, that is me done for this thread!!

Go for it, that is me done for this thread!!

I can't.........i'm torn........i'm in a bad place. lol
Not got any more pictures for this thread Syzable? You seem to have a very large collection, every other comment is a picture!

The Official HUKD 'Is pornography damaging society?' *Adult - discussion … The Official HUKD 'Is pornography damaging society?' *Adult - discussion thread

hello I am not an adult I am a 13 year old boy, but I have an extensive knowledge of porn as I have been watching it for about 5 years. I will now enter this discussion.

thank you
the hell man
Adult discussion thread, that will stop the kids opening the thread, if they can all bypass mummy and daddies firewall to access porn by the age of 11, why would putting adult in the title stop them opening HUKDS official porn discussion thread X)
OP have u done something your ashamed about or something? you seem to be mega obsessed with this
Byker WTF...that is some freaky - - - - right there!
Sorry, interested to read and comment on the thread some more but Spurs have just gone 2 up and it's time to sit back and enjoy! In a bit.

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