The Official US election prediction thread

    Post who is going to win and if you want the reasons why. After the election we shall come through and give a good thumping to all those who are wrong

    My prediction: Kerry.

    Why: All the normal non-voters will turn out for this one and my bet is that a higher percentage of non-voters are Dems. Also the younger generation I think will come out en masse and they are typically Dems also.



    i think the iraq war hes sealed bush`s fate

    I've never liked Bush (after reading Stupid White Men [Good book!]) but I would support the Dems anyway.

    bush all the way

    There's no doubt about it, Kerry may not be the "best" man out there, but he is a billion percent better than Bush. Hell, a pet rock could do a better job with foreign politics!

    Kerry's got it in the bag, for the exact reasons as Paul stated(I know I am the youth, and god knows Kerry's getting my vote!)


    Even though Kerry seems to be winning the arguement,I think our friends in the US of A will vote for Bush.

    Well Bush will sure have a hard run for it what with all of Michael Moore's antics. Bush just seems to be an all too convenient scapegoat for all of the crap that has happened, so I think Kerry.

    Get ready for a recount (whilst still on the subject of nuts) I think Bush will win for the "better the devil you know" theory.

    Personally I think it's all a bit of a game show, they all say what they think you want to hear + people only hear what they want.


    I predict bush will win the election and I bet $5,000,000 he will be president for another 4 years after the election you are talking about,
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