The Old O2/BT Cellnet Legacy plans

    i have two, and have been upgrading for years now, one of my friends tried to upgrade and they want to put him on an 18 month contract? and in essence terminating his legacy contract - he will be moved to the new 18 month one.

    my question is: how do i upgrade without forfeiting the contract, which i dont get charged for and get 50 mins free to o2 and landlines every month?


    You will be allowed to upgrade but you will have to pay for the phone (hefty sum) so in essence you may as well upgrade to an 18 month contract or just a SIM free phone.

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    ahh, have you got a legacy contract as well? do you know the sum of the phone?

    In most cases the phone cost will be that of a SIM free phone or only slightly discounted. Your best bet is to call them and find out because each customer is different depending on various things.

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    i will do, but just wanted to know if others have tried to upgrade recently, i dont think that many people have this plan though
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