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The Oldie 12 issues for £12

Posted 3rd May 2009
Hi All,
This is a VERY long shot, a few weeks ago I got my New Scientist magazine which I get through subscription and in it was leaflet for "The Oldie" magazine, it was an offer for 12 issues for £12. Well you can guess already, I lost the leaflet and after searching for about 2 bloomin hours on the internet I can't find ANYTHING about it, the best I have found it 3 issues for £3....I want 12 : (

I put this in misc but all quiet, as I am looking for a deal I figured it would be ok here

If anyone can help I would be eternally grateful and of course give ya rep : )

Thanks in advance
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I had the same thing but last month (The Oldie 12 issues for £12), it came with Evo and I too have spent hours looking for it, even bin diving the recycling bin trying to find it. Somebody out there must know?
Although it was obviously about 18 months ago now, I rang them up and they did me a deal over the phone for 12 issues for £12, I just told them where I had seen the offer and had lost the leaflet, worth a try.......
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