The one show-interesting discussion regarding repair/replacement of goods.

    The sale of goods act, states that you can sometimes claim for goods upto 6 years after they have been purchased! The example couple have just been awarded a new xbox after their 18month one broke down!

    worth finding on iplayer if you've missed it.

    'Item has got to last a reasonable amount of time' i.e. Flip flop is much smaller time than a car.


    They are talking about music or something now

    go onto iplayer catchup , will be back on in a short while.…09/

    I caught this tonight. Have recorded it so I note down main points. Have a sofa that needs to go back to argos (waiting on response to bloke that came round to check it).

    :whistling:I am in the market for a new TV. Wandering in to our local Comet, I was pounced on and shown some TV's, around £599. I was immediately advised that a five year warranty would be a good bet, since they could be expensive when they went kaput. I countered this by asking about my standing with a 6 year EU safety net. The short answer was that the salesperson informed me that under the EU the retailer is not liable, and suggested that returning a 37inch TV to some remote part of the globe would be counter-productive for my good viewing !
    I was also informed 'that many MP's were not happy with the EU law' and were going to counter it. Can anyone please come up with the truth?


    I've been emailing HP back and forth about a monitor that has gone faulty. i think it is being escalated higher than a CSR now though, because i keep badgering them.

    I got a laptop repaired recently, but that was a known fault so they were happy to repair for free.

    I also got £xxx from tesco after a TV died 18 months after purchasing it
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