The One Song Stuck In Your Head

    I thought I'd make a new topic for this seeing this type of song changes frequently for most people.

    The song stuck in my head at the moment is
    Sometime Around Midnight by Toxic Airbourne Event
    Listen -

    Bizarre band name I know, but I find the song really good.
    It's so fitting because it's about a guy who still has feelings for his ex, and well, I can't stop thinking about the girl I recently broke up with after 3 years relationship.


    Could setup a Spotify playlist and everyone add to it.

    Started one off with yours - [URL="spotify:user:w1zz:playlist:42PHXJ4FlCK5ONKEkytyKR"]HERE[/URL]



    + me AND the squidywinks! :-D

    That's really spooky as it was Mr Brightside cuz it was on Kerrang this morning.

    Weird or what??

    Ive just seen an advert. i know the sogn but this is a diff version and i cant think of who it is.

    Lyrics are summit like

    Hes just a..(then i cant think of who it is)
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