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This'll probably be 1 of those threads that gets no replies but hopefully someone can help or give me adice.

I want to treat my mum to a trip on the Orient Express.
She has just recovered from heart surgery and i'd like to fulfill her dream of going on it.

Now i don't really know anything about the Orient Express but have had a look online.
I'd like to hear from people that have been on it or from anyone that can find any other info out about it or good prices.
She just wants to go on it (not stay overnnght or anything) and i'd like to find the best deal for this (if they do deals for it lol)>


Can't help a lot, but I looked at this for may wife last year. The prices were through the roof (somewhere around £500 per person for a day). There were no deals at the time, you booked through them or through one of about 2 agents who charged even more.

I'm waiting until I win the lotto !

My wife and I have had two trips on OE, One was Rome to Venice and the other was Rome to London. The trip was lovely (very posh). It has been said you can never over-dress on OE - that's true.

Any more infor reqd, just PM me.


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Thanks guys.
I think i saw something about you could go on it in this country for a few hours?
I'll have to spend some time looking again as i would LOVE to be able to do something for my mum like the rome to london thing but unfortunately can't afford it lol.
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If you have Nectar points - then they have a good offer -

Travel in style on the Orient-Express

Spend your points towards a ‘once in a lifetime journey', or a shorter trip maybe for just a day or dinner to celebrate a special occasion onboard one of the legendary trains of Orient-Express.

500 points = £5 to spend

Plus, 25% off when booked more than 6 months prior to departure.

Maximum spend 5,000 points for UK train journeys or 10,000 points for overseas journeys.

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Thanks for that, but i shop at tesco lol.
Rep'd for ya help

the northern belle & british pullman do day trips all around the uk that aren't too badly priced. They're sister trips of hte orient express:

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