The Pacific…%29

    Saw a trailer fo rthis the other night! Cant wait! Been waiting a long time since band of brothers and its nearly here! Says it will be on in the spring.

    Disappointing thing is that it is on SKY MOVIES not sky 1 or any other channel which means i got to pay £30 a month extra just to watch it :@

    Might wait for it to come on blu-ray/dvd at xmas but cant wait that long!

    Who else is looking forward to it? Its been entirely shot in HD as well for sky movies so it might even make me get sky+hd!


    awww why they have to put it on Sky Movies. Will have to wait for boxset then, thats if its any good. I really liked the Band of Brothers characters.

    ive been looking forward to this for ages!
    BoB is my favuorite tv series ever!
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