The pain!!! (Guys don't look!)

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Found 7th Mar 2009


oooooooowwwwwwwwww even i winced

Amen to the wisdom of God when he put together a man! Hahahahahaha!

That looks very very painful!!!!!!!!

I cliked the link, saw a man.. and a post... and closed the page, didn't need to see anymore.. lol

Think I've seen that somewhere before...anyway looked hella painful to me.

If he wasn't already impotent - I bet he is nowadays.

omg how painful would that be???

owwweeee!!thats gonna hurt for weeks!

Fastest sex change ever.

Not nice


Fastest sex change ever.

That's what I was thinking, would of thought his tallywhacker was pushed outside in

:-D what a total DIRKHEAD!


lol what a Tard... but at the same ouch! I have done it before (normally when drunk)

Wow cool good on him
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