Found 12th Jan 2008
i dont wnat a long lecture on "correct dieting, and lazy way out, speech" as i am dieting an excersisie loads i jsut thought this mite help to cut down on snacking, and cravings, i and all i wanted to know,if any one else has tried it, it has sum good review on the net??

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i know they have a week trail on the webpage you have to pay £5.95, never tried it or even heard of it myself, sorry can't be mre help

"The Pink Patch is obviously just for girls (the clue is in the colour!), and marketed at quite young girls at that. Young girls with low self-esteem who blame the fact that their life isn’t quite perfect on their muffin tops. And who blame their muffin tops on poor will power, believing that they need a product to curb the greedy whims of their perfectly normal appetites. It’s vile.

Don’t believe it. Life is not that simple. Everybody spends some time feeling happy and successful and some time feeling miserable regardless of their size, and losing weight will not change anything else about your life. If your legs look like sausages in skinny jeans, it’s not the end of the world. Hell, if your legs look like sausages in skinny jeans you’re NORMAL.

Diets are for fat people who genuinely need and want to lose weight, and products like this are complete ********."…nny

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i am fat though, i am over weght and i am on a diet, i jsut hoped this might help stop cravings fo kit kats, lol, ave lost 6lb since new yrs day


diets are the worse thing anyone can do, you have to change your way of eating for good, not just 6 weeks, you also need to fill your time when you know you are going to crave certain things and replace them with other things, its like giving up anything you need to change certain things in your lifestyle, I havent read up on these patches are they for weightloss or to help with cravings?

I'd love something to stop sugar cravings, my wedding dress is a size 12, I'm a 16 eek and I'm getting married in 10 months!

Just become bulimic if you don't care about doing it in a healthy way or care about keeping it off long term, it's a hell of a lot cheaper and easier than buying these ridiculous 'miracle cures'
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