The Positive Comments and Suggestions Thread!


Firstly, for those who want to slag off the new site or moan and be stupid - this isn't the thread for you. This is a thread for members of this community who want to help each other and the site to improve. This site is how it's going to be, the old site isn't going to come back. But, this design can be tweaked and improved towards the members requirements and needs. So, this thread can be the postives - the ACHIEVEABLE little tweaks. And if you see an idea that someone else posts that you agree with, say so, and we can see if there is a pattern there!

My little tweaks are:

1. The Date. The year has become the important factor in the date, when on an active forum that's not needed! And the date is the American Format. I'd like to see it dd, mm, yyyy to help things along.

2. The submit button. Firstly, it doesn't need an exclaimation mark. Also, as it's now the main submit button for ALL the forums, the link shouldn't point to…eal as it's confusing. I personally think the link should be renamed. I'm also about to have to click a link called Submit Deal to post this Misc thread, when it isn't a deal.

3. The site statistics. I don't think they need to be on every page! They are impressive, but boring after a while. If they were removed, the forum page could be extended across the page and forum thread titles wouldn't be bunched onto 2 lines.

4. I feel like I'm wearing glasses! Some of the text is HUGE, yet some of it is tiny. I think a review of the text sizes of the site would be beneficial. The 2 lines of grey lines with black text should be bigger, and some of the other text should be much smaller!


Now the floor is open to you guys. One rule: Be nice!


Thanks for the feedback. The constructive feedback is a hell of a lot easier to work with and respond quickly to. We have noted several points and will roll out an update tonight that hopefully addresses most issues like small text and top nav bar being too small, too much white.

The priority right now is performance as that is essential and hopefully you are noticing it get better as the day goes by...

Original Poster

I had indeed noticed a difference in performance during the day.

It's gone from non useable to useable :-P Just couldn't access the site really earlier. The site looks a hell of alot better in IE7 than it does in IE6 though...

1. Read somewhere it was fixed but the reply text is still way to small.

2. Can you add today/time & date & yesterday /time & date like it use to be as trying to read dates & time to see who has posted is very confusing.

3. Can the poster & the post be together in one grey box & not seperate as you get confused who is posting what.

4. Think it has been already posted...would like to see the last post & page without opening up the thread and clicking last page.

5. Have a home page where all the last posts & reply are in all the threads.

A few more

When you are using tabbed browsing each tab should be labelled differently, i.e. HotUKDeals - Misc, HotUKDeals - Deal Requests not ALL HotUKDeals - Deals

Bring back the ' + ' that denotes which threads you have posted in

When we do a search for something can we have a column in the results telling us which forum each result is in

I agree totally to the suggestions in posts 1 and 4

Listening to the personal suggestions of 101 members is not the best way to produce a usable design. They would be better off hiring an information architect to highlight a few areas to improve and then carrying out some usability testing.

- The top navigation. There is no indication of hierarchy to make it clear that the second line of links are a sub section of any selected top link. The text is too small but trying to resize it to readable levels begins to break the layout.

- Logging in. There are just two empty input boxes at the top of the site with no labels indicating what they are or what they are for. The actual text that replaces them once you log in also needs to be logically ordered.

- The tabbed navigation. It isn't clear what "hot", "new", "discussed" or "custom" are even referring to. What is "custom"? The submit button also isn't clear. Is it to submit a deal, a thread, a reply?

- Organization of discussion and deals. The line between highlighting deals and discussion about those deals has been blurred to the point of confusion. There needs to be an immediately clear distinction for the user because even seasoned forum/computer users are getting lost amid the "anarchy".

- The listing of deals/threads. The emphasis is being placed on the "posted by" section rather than the deal/thread title. The differentiation between different deals/threads listed is also not ideal. Basically, the eye is draw to the wrong place, and it makes it strenuous to mentally decipher discrete pieces of information. It would also help to have an alternating "background color" on the lists of deals to help visually separate them. This is standard practice to help people read tables and is often used in blogs. It would help here too.

Original Poster


2. Can you add today/time & date & yesterday /time & date like it use to … 2. Can you add today/time & date & yesterday /time & date like it use to be as trying to read dates & time to see who has posted is very annoying.:thumbsup:

Ah! That's what changed about the time/date! I knew something was different.


Another thing, I've clicked on the quote button to do this and the text reply I'm writing in the input box is TINY!!!

Good work people - lets keep it positive. We can be helpful thread on here

the comments counter be red
the views counter be green
the found by name under the deal red or any other colour but blue

ok not really helpful but it adds to the overall look and aesthetics of the site


1. Read somewhere it was fixed but the reply text is still way to … 1. Read somewhere it was fixed but the reply text is still way to small.2. Can you add today/time & date & yesterday /time & date like it use to be as trying to read dates & time to see who has posted is very confusing.3. Can the poster & the post be together in one grey box & not seperate as you get confused who is posting what.4. Think it has been already posted...would like to see the last post & page without opening up the thread and clicking last page.5. Have a home page where all the last posts & reply are in all the threads.:thumbsup:

Why is the quote grey bar only big enough to fit about 2 lines anything else will show up as if its a reply to the quote
Might be able to see what i mean when you look at what i have quoted above.

Maybe the option for text only/full details to be separated into two, one for the deals and one for the rest of the forums. So when you have full details on on the deals section it doesn't change the rest of the forum to the same.

When searching for posts, could you revert to the way it was before? Instead of taking you to the start of the thread, have it to where the post is. There's some mighty long threads here and I don't think everyone fancies trawling through them to find one post!

Font size yada yada yada.

It's human nature to "object to change".

I'm not saying that all is perfect, I've been reading through the comments left here and there are some valid points.
But lets hope with a little time and patience we will all get used to the new format and the problems get ironed out.

We've all had problems recently getting onto the site because of the sheer popularity of it.
Who knows, this new format will hopefully reduce that particular problem.

Personally I'm not going to post any negatives until I've had a real try of the new format, but I do hope that the negative points I've encountered so far are soon sorted out.

After all if Microsoft can release new software with problems time after time and people still use it, I'm sure we can bear with the developers of HUKD for a time while they bring it back to the usual high standard.

admin seeing you are trying to improve the layout/speed/design/easeofuse a few pointers may be of interest. i am a small independent electrical retailer who has recommended this site to literaly hundreds of my customers, most of which have been on the phone to me today asking if i could change the site so they could understand it? why they think its got anything to do with me i don't know, but the main complaints have been these. deals cannot be "filtered" to show the newest deals without "forum" threads appearing. when trying to add to what was an old forum thread it is now impossible to find them,if by chance you do get to one you want the page numbers are all wrong and not easily accessedit should not be difficult to have the two sections separated as they were before so "forum" and "deals" and easilly obtainable from the top of the page as before .
as i wrote in another earlier post not everyone who uses the site is internet literate and will not give forum input on a site they do not understand as they did before.

admin your missing the point. hot brings up hot deals not new deals! click new deals and you get forum style thread musings interlaced with new deals?


i would just like to see the discount codes in alphabetical order as before

IMO the whole of the top 1st grey bar should be taken out as all deals whether they be hot or new deals should be in one thread or hot deals on the front page then all deals in 1 thread going by latest reply.Keep the layout but try & stick to the old way just 7/8 threads (Deals/Deal request/Vouchers/For sale/freebee/comps/misc/help & feedback) start with this then add on a thread at a time so members get use to it.


also all the useful threads have disappered ie the ones that were made stickies.

I like the new site - okay it does take a bit of getting used to but you can see there is real potential in customising what you are viewing eg seeing the latest posted deals not the lastest discussion posts etc.

There are some quirks to be ironed out and maybe this was the wrong time of year to launch it but as long as I can get on to post and view the threads its a real bonus from earlier today.....

i am on text only and found this a bit easier at min, but where date,time etc it looks like 1234566, very hard to work out time, date etc, so i thought quoting today or yesterday would be more helpfull imo. :santa:

Mmmmm tiny text. AWESOME!!! :?

Ok my one gripe, that may have already been pointed out, is I like to be able to see the threads that I've posted in. This used to be indicated in the flame to the left of the thread title. Now there appears to be nothing. The rest of the site, I guess I'll just have to get used to!

EDIT - the text size for the edit is MUCH more like it!!!

Ok another gripe and its to do with finding posts by users. You used to be able to click on a persons username and then "find more posts by ....." which I have just tried and it just jumps to the advanced search page. So I tried a search for all posts by me, and it just produced a list of all the latest threads.

If you click on a user name and then 'Find more posts by ..........' it takes you to the advanced search page. - needs fixing - as above

(get round is click 'View public profile' - then click 'Find more posts by ..........')

I still hate it but as the powers that be are patently going to ignore the weight of opinion, I shall grit my teeth, buy a pair of sunglasses to keep at the side of the screen and try and help polish this t*rd.

There needs to be a greater difference between the end of one post and the start of another in the same thread. The subtle shade difference of the banner at the start of the post is a bit too subtle.

I think most of the gripes are due change, and lack of guidance how to use the new Hot, Discussed, New tabs. Any chance of a nice simple guide?

Normally the experienced members would explain to the newbies how to do certain things but as everyone is in the same boat and many are frustrated. Some kind of user guide would help.

site does not seem to working on mobile/pda.

have read most new threads and no one else seems to have mentioned this.

dont know much about website design but has the site not been optimised for mobile? will this be sorted?

hope so because i spend many an hour browsing on my phone whilst grafting at work!! :whistling:


deals cannot be "filtered" to show the newest deals without "forum" … deals cannot be "filtered" to show the newest deals without "forum" threads appearing.

This is easily dealt with. You need to click on "Deals" instead of "all" on the second grey bar above the submit button, then only deals will be shown!


At last some common sense. I thought the world had gone mad with all the abuse I've seen today.

Yes, it is different from original but once you have explored it for a while, it is ok.

The only problem I have is that it is slightly slow but I am sure that will be sorted.

Admin - keep up the good work.


How about a poll for the members.
New or old forum.



How about a poll for the members.New or old forum.

it aint going to change anything,

I think the new site is fine once you adjust to it really, the text only option helps a lot though. There are some speed issues, but i've not had to wait longer than a few seconds at most. The layout is initially a surprise, but it's nowhere near bad enough to justify all this insane criticism. Plus a poll will do no good as the site isn't a democracy.

Anyone Here :whistling: Hello :whistling: Thought Not

I quite like it
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