The Pro's and Con's of partying in Liverpool or How to get "sacked" in Crosby !


    This is like 3 years old! :thinking:

    Painful story tho! :?

    How did you discover that???

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    lol so it is that old ! oops !

    It was on the BBC News website for today.

    Just rechecked and see it's in a little box titled "Most Popular Stories, Most Read" down the bottom right.

    Oh well, probably happened many times since then, will be a commonplace event.

    A few years back my mums friend did that to her other half (didnt try to swallow it though...). She had caught him cheating and launched at his privates with her nails and ripped one off! He was wondering round the street in agony until the police picked him up and took him to hospital

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    I was in Crosby 3 years ago but this story doesn't ring any bells.............but neither does he now

    also, at the top of each story tells you when it was last updated...

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    also, at the top of each story tells you when it was last updated...

    lol , listen I trust the BBC to give me up to date news, not donkey's years old, the swines !!

    Perhaps it's updated because he's had a transplant ? Or maybe she's been accepted for the new "I'm not a celebrity, but I can eat testis" reality programme.
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