The PSP - Will FFVII: Crisis Core make you buy it?

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Found 23rd Nov 2007
After listening to the amazing soundtrack of Crisis Core, I have to say I'll be getting the PSP when Crisis Core makes it over. From remixed FFVII tracks, previously unreleased tracks from FFVII: Last Order and the new tracks, it all comes together to form when of my favourite VG soundtracks.

I have high hopes for Crisis Core thanks to Last Order. We (FFVII fans) had never got to know much about Zack before that, only picking up bits and pieces. His easy going and often funny personality shown in Last Order makes me think his character alone will make Crisis Core enjoyable.

Aside from the story rating (the FFVII story has been ruined by Advent Children already), this review makes Crisis Core look promising:…tml

I'd have the PSP already if Konami had released the Suikoden I & II ports outside of Japan. I'm hoping the Star Ocean I & II ports don't also stay exclusive to Japan...


pretty with little actual gameplay going from early reviews.


Yes I plan to buy a psp for this game although I would like to know a release date

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pretty with little actual gameplay going from early reviews.

I believe it received 45/50 in Famitsu. 5 reviewers vote out of 10 and the total is added up.
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