Found 16th Sep 2010
Hey guys just found out the PSP2 exists thanks to a mortal kombat developer saying "PSP2 looks like it's a pretty powerful machine" and that they have been using it. But no clue on when it will release or what features it will have/removed.

What should the PSP2 have guys?


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It shouldn't be a PSP Go! That's for sure X)

What i want in psp2 in terms of preference

Major priority: 2 analog sticks.
semi-major priority: 3d, better speakers, faster loadtimes for games (better architecture), games
neutral priority: L2/R2 buttons, design
semi-non priority: touch screen, inbuilt space, allowance of devs to make their own games (you know, that ipod store style thing)
non-priority: music player/video player/ internet browsing - seriously, i use my phone already for all this

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nah, i think L2/R2 aint a must. games work fine with just 2 shoulder buttons. i think they could have a touch screen, maybe one that works with just a stylus.
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