The Red Ring Of Doom on 360

    Can anyone post there experiences up to now of anyone having this happen to their prized posession?

    I got my 360 at xmas and what iv been hearing is that most 360's are breaking down (red ring on console) just after the warranty has run out.... so i dont want to be playing my 360 at xmas this year and it goes defunct and im without a console all xmas and new year !!! can you imagine ?? NNOOOooooo !!!!!:x :x

    what has everyone done to get theirs fixed?
    cost on sending etc?


    EDIT: And before you say anything Charlie about a red ring .....this is to do with the Xbox 360 :giggle:


    Mine died after 2 months. Just plugged it in one day and got the 4 red lights/ring.
    Bought from Game, but they replaced it no problem.

    Same, got mine christmas day just gone, 23rd of february, red lights, adfter dl/ing crackdown update.. not even two months.. I got a new one though for free + free hard drive:D and its fighting strong.

    i got mine at xmas, its still fine (touch wood). but i dont have the reciept, so i hope it doesnt break.

    had mine about a year and had no problems, must be sony fanboys spreading the rumours:whistling:
    ps that is a joke before anyone takes offence.

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    hey dunno, iv got 2 receipts as i still have the receipt i had for the one i bought just before xmas then sold it

    if you want i can send you the receipt i got from the guy who sold me one on ebay just incase it happens to yours??

    ill have a check tho and make sure i have my own and ill send you the spare one, how does that sound ?

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    has anyone had to send theirs back to Microsoft tho ?
    how long does it take to get it back etc?

    Saxo, No point
    When a shop sells a console it registers its Serial number [which should be printed on the receipt] thats how argos would know if someone tried to bring an xbox bought in game to their store with an argos receipt.

    It takes 15 working days [up to]

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    the receipt is from argos and who is to say Dunno didnt go to blackburn (townsmuir) to buy it, or even better still Dunno got one delivered to him for a xmas present :thumbsup:

    it was bought 6/11/06

    fair doos.. Thinking about it, a different blockbuster changed mine to the one bought from it.

    my botfreind had one he had loads of problems with it u know wat it is boys revenge n karma 4 neglectin us poor girlfreinds hee hee

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    ah i know for a fact if you buy a game (for example) from blockbuster and travel home and its scrached you have to take it back to the one you bought it from, you cant just go to another blockbuster shop....which is pretty pants really coz you would think its a chain company !

    Argos is fine about that tho !

    I had a receipt for my 360 though [because it was a high priced item] so a different blockbuster changed it no problemo!!

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    thats cool then t0mm :thumbsup:

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    Dunno are you wanting this receipt or will i stick it on Ebay ? hehe

    Lol, Well i'm off to bed I hope i helped you out

    Had 2 360s.. didnt work out of box. One wouldn't turn on, other got disc read errors Sent both back for refunds, avoiding buying another.. Seems far too unreliable.
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