The scum bag that broke into my car has been found

    I went off to london today,was hubbys days off and he had a visit from the police to say the dna left on beer cans chucked in the car when it had the soft top ripped off it has a match,however they did state that the breaking into a car and the damage caused was not this persons "normal sort of crime"
    I've tried to call back the officer dealing with it as they would only give hubby limited info but he is not on duty til tomorrow.
    Will they tell me who it was? or will i have to sit and hope they take it to court before finding out?


    Do they know for certain that the person who broke into your car (ripped the soft top off) and the person who threw the beer cans in are the same person?



    They DNA tested after vandalism???

    its hardly a murder?!

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    Do they know for certain that the person who broke into your car (ripped … Do they know for certain that the person who broke into your car (ripped the soft top off) and the person who threw the beer cans in are the same person?

    nope but apparently its criminal damage as the beer was poured inside the car soaking the interior and carpets and whoever it was then tossed the cans inside the car
    whoever it is more than likely had something to do with the breaking in as you wouldnt see a car with a ripped off soft top and decide to chuck beer inside it would ya?........or would ya?

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    SERIOUS????They DNA tested after vandalism???its hardly a murder?!

    as ive had both cars vandalised and keep calling them i think they got fed up with me to be honest and decided to do something for a change

    i cant see them telling you who did it.

    it all depends really if they think they can prove him quilty in court for what ever charges theydecide to charge him with thats the only time u will know who actually did it.

    i doubt they will tell you when he will be in court.

    it all depends what solicitor he has in his interview he could walk just like a free man

    its sad how the procedure works but it is likeley e could walk freeley

    hope not anyway

    if you feel the person in chargeof the case is not usefull then you can always speak or write to the chief constable and i gurantee you something will be done

    In North wales we will DNA test for any damage to motor vehicles as it is classed as a priority crime here.
    Unlikely you will get to know who the offender is until the court date , unless the officer wants to negate any defence he came up with in interview of having permission, which even for a scumbag like this is unlikely.
    Khalifazed, What are you going on about? Officers run with a workload of 40+ crimes and take on new ones daily. The fact that hes been caught is brilliant. I wish I could catch every scumbag that does something like this.
    "write to the chief constable and i gurantee something will be done" How? What? the criminal has already been caught for christs sake

    Innocent until proven guilty.

    Imagine the following :-

    You're sat at home drinking straight from your can. You throw the can in your household rubbish. The clumsy binmen empty some of the contents of your bin onto the road.
    A passing tramp who collects aluminium cans picks up your can and puts it in his trolley along with a few other bits and bobs.
    Whilst sipping the contents of his can he notices a cabriolet car where he thinks the value of the soft top (if he can get it off and fit it in his trolley) will be greater than the other junk he has in his trolley. So he proceeds to try and get the roof off the car but, fails miserably. So in a rage he chucks some of the contents of his can into the car along with the can that was in his trolley.

    PC plod then decides to DNA the can. Whilst it might prove who had been drinking out of it I'm afraid it proves nothing else.

    Unless the person they've found confesses this ain't got a hope in hell of going to court:roll:

    what happens during the court process is between the CPS, the defence and the magistrates. The police locating the offender is the start of it - proving it beyond all reasonable doubt is the tricky bit.
    I dont imagine anyone thinks he isnt the person responsible, the courts will make their own mind up I'm sure

    You'd be amazed what the police send in - had a mars bar sent in today because someone other than the owner nibbled on it!
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