the secret millionaire is coming to near where i live....

Found 26th Aug 2008
I've heard that the secret millionairre is in Easington later tonight .........ha ha ha probs be some right sights on there ......

ha ....he is
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Secret millionaire Carl Hopkins visits Easington Colliery

how is it a secret?
cos when its filmed the people they meet dont know they have money
He was there months ago, just showing recording tonight!
black gerbil1;2827366

how is it a secret?

The series sees wealthy philanthropists arrive in a rundown community, live on the most basic income and try to find worthy causes they can help.

Millionaire marketing guru Carl Hopkins spent 10 days posing as a community warden and being followed around by a camera crew.

Carl grew up on a tough council estate in Leeds but, having done very well for himself in life, says he wanted an opportunity to give something back to worthy causes.

He said: “I had been wanting to do something for a while but it can be difficult. Finding the time is hard but, also, as a middle-aged man, if you go up to a community centre out of the blue and say ‘I want to work with kids’ you tend to get a few funny looks!

“The production company set everything up. I heard about the project through my wife, who works in the media and she got a Press release from the company saying they were looking for suitable people.”

Carl is remaining tight-lipped about how much he gave to good causes but he did provide cash for Easington Colliery brass band, Easington Social Welfare Club and the Spyral Project, an urban farm run by Jimmy Naylor.

soz cous is a little extra info for our friends over the water :-D
oh its a reality tv show.....pfft

He was there months ago, just showing recording tonight!

Sorry , I meant he had been here .....I may be on there popping into the shops in me slippers or summat on a sunday morning lol:whistling:
black gerbil1;2827390

oh its a reality tv show.....pfft

no ,the people who are with the millionaire dont know hes rich . they mingle with people posing as having no or very little money themselves . Often the people on there are scraping money together to make ends meet .....They choose people who they have met at the end who they want to give help to and reveal their identity. The shows quite good ......its not like a reality show as such as the only people in on the secret are the film crew and the person .....usually pretend to film a scenario to cover it up :thumbsup:
yeah ive watched it before, its quite interesting

yeah ive watched it before, its quite interesting

Cant remember seeing a rubbish one - that'll probs be later
Can't be that good at keeping a secret then, can he!!!!
confessions of a 38 year old man
i always cry my eyes out watching this program
danby jason;2828540

confessions of a 38 year old man i alway cry my eye out watching this … confessions of a 38 year old man i alway cry my eye out watching this program

Just the one eye?
We're On Now Ch4
[SIZE="7"]Bump[/SIZE]goddamn it :gift:
lovin it already . depicts north eastern people so far .... might post later cos it;s only on the first break:whistling:
loving it!!

It helps mind, the fact that i fancy the bloke!! Hes got an open down to earth way about him, and hes yummy!!
Just noticed there are two other shows on the box tonight at the same time (right now). One is called Juliet Bravo, the other is The Saint. Bit of an HUKD theme huh! I like Juliet Bravo, so I think I will watch that! :thumbsup:
this ones carp
paul carl hopkins --- ok ive found his name where does he live again? hahahah
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