The Shield

    I'm sure a couple of weeks ago i watched an episode of The Shield online WITHOUT d/loading anything,or am i going

    I can't find anywhere to watch last nights episode,is there a site to watch it without d/loading anything?


    what side was it on?

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    I keep missing shows on TV so watch a lot online,so i can't remember if The Shield was one of them,but i could of sworn it was.

    Its on Five US is this any good to you?

    sorry this might be a better link…tml

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    I can find reviews on the site above,but not anywhere to actually watch the episode Bitches Brew

    no ive just realised that sorry, and it looks like you have to pay for it on 5 on demand

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    Thanks for your time though:thumbsup:

    [url][/url] There is no better :thumbsup:
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