The Shining - Streaming Free on BBC iPlayer

Posted 27th Jul
Classic film streaming free on BBC iplayer
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HappyShopper27/07/2020 21:08

At least it’s not someone posting in deals,trying to get “heat” and gloating about it, then arguing with anyone trying to distance their “deal” as a freebie like they’re suddenly high and mighty for posting a freebie as a deal, and using “heat” as a bargaining chip

Thanks for the proper heads up Nicky
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dufflecoat_moon_turkey27/07/2020 23:35

Comment deleted

And the best way to know is with regular experience and knowing the warning signs, to avoid the stingers
It's also free on amazon or prime or apple tv or google play or sky store or microsoft or youtube or talk talk tv if you're streaming it, think you can buy it to own for free on those stores too
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